About Us

Welcome to our world of eternal love and unconditional affection for our beloved nephews and nieces! It was here where the idea of our brand was Hatched and nurtured. We are a kids' apparel brand that started with a simple thought - to bring together the finest handpicked couture and accessories for our little ones.


Our first exclusive showroom, nestled in the heart of the pristine Himalayas in the beautiful town of Gangtok, is run by our amazing mom and three loving sisters. With the unwavering support of our papa and better halves, we have been spreading happiness and smiles since 2016.


Our passion for creating stylish and comfortable clothing for kids is what sets us apart. We believe that every child deserves to look and feel their best, and our handpicked collection of couture and accessories is designed to do just that.


Come, be a part of our journey where you can wrap your little bundle of joy with warmth, comfort, and style - and wear it all with a smile!